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the happy medium between the worlds of science & Spirit

the happy medium between the worlds of science & Spirit

the happy medium between the worlds of science & Spiritthe happy medium between the worlds of science & Spirit

Practical Spirituality 201: Touch the Sky

June 6 & 7, 2020

WHEN: 10am-6pm Saturday & Sunday

WHERE:  Lenoir-Rhyne University Center for Graduate Studies

36 Montford Avenue, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Asheville, NC  28801

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion and application of Practical Spirituality 101

After years of hearing from you that you wanted to go deeper, experience more, learn new tools and reconnect with old friends you met in the Practical Spirituality 101 class, it's finally time to lock in the advanced second level.

Fair warning here -- this class is ONLY for people who are confident in their natural intuitive ability, and are as comfortable connecting with ETs and spirits as they are updating their facebook posts.  If you have ANY hesitation, contact me, and we'll arrange to have you repeat the 101 class.

Topics we'll be covering in depth in this next-level workshop include:

Phoning ET 

Experiencing off-Earth intelligent energies and consciousness; creating a sacred safe space for connections.  We are SO lucky to have minister and frequent Ancient Aliens expert MICHAEL JEROME SCHARIED CARTER as a guest speaker for this segment!  He's spoken internationally on evidence of ETs in the Bible, and has had his own personal close encounters for decades.  

Building Your Own Crystal Grid

​Experiencing the consciousness of different crystals and stones; determining the most beneficial sacred geometry grid for your desired outcome; activating your grid and measuring the energy output.

Toning for Body, Mind and Spirit
Entering into a deep, meditative state while toning for each chakra to activate, balance, direct and sustain the energies of each.  Feeling how sound waves impact the physical body.

Rewiring Your Brain
Learning how the science of neuroplasticity empowers you to rewire your brain and unlearn past non-beneficial behaviors and beliefs; practicing specific exercises developed by Dr. Bruce Lipton.


Past Life Talents

Going into a more intense past-life regression to help you identify, remember and reclaim specific talents you developed in other lifetimes.

Remote Viewing

Exercising and fine-tuning your natural ability to telepathically perceive things that are obscured on a physical level, and receiving immediate feedback.

Aromatherapy/Plant Consciousness

Establishing a heart to heart connection with the consciousness of plants, then using that new awareness to merge with the healing and restorative energies of plants through aromatherapy.

Soul Contracts
Delving more deeply into many aspects of our spiritual path to discover what we came to learn and do, and why we chose the people, places and things we did to help us raise our consciousness and live a purpose-filled life.

A New Dimension of Animal Communication

The unique bond we share with our pets is many-faceted -- and eternal.  Learn how to tap into information your pets might be holding until you're ready to access it.  Also connect with loved pets in spirit.

Is This Stuff for Real?
Learning discernment, and when and how to trust the information we receive intuitively; how do we know we're not just making it up?  

Sacred Geometry

Exploring why Tesla said if we understood the significance of 3, 6 and 9, we could understand the universe.  Identifying the sacred geometric design inherent in the very structure of creation, and repeated in infinite fractals.  

SpiritTalk: Break on Through to the Other Side

Embracing the fact that the first law of thermodynamics -- energy can't be created or destroyed; it only changes form -- applies to the energy of Life.  With the help of a guided meditation,  you will do a reading for a classmate where you WILL connect with people in spirit.

While we took it slowly in 101, for this one, we hit the ground running. This is NOT a workshop for the timid. Class size is limited to insure the best possible experience for everyone.

Make the Leap. Touch the Sky.

Tuition: $222 

Preregistration and successful completion and application of Practical Spirituality 101 required. 

Practical Spirituality 201 - Reserve your space today for the June 2020 class