Jonna Rae

the happy medium between the worlds of science & Spirit

the happy medium between the worlds of science & Spirit

the happy medium between the worlds of science & Spiritthe happy medium between the worlds of science & Spirit



Making a connection

You pick up a memento left to you by a dear departed relative, and it's almost like they were right there, next to you.  

You think about a friend.  Suddenly the phone rings, and he's on the line.

In our society, we're not taught that things like this are OK or valid, so we tend to dismiss them when they happen.  Because these things just KEPT happening in my life, I couldn't ignore them, and I spent years studying and focusing my sixth sense.  In college, I even did an independent study where my faculty advisor would bring sick students into his office, and he'd time me with a stop watch wile I healed them.  It's at the point now where my friends from around the country will call me up and say, "Hi!  How am I?"

When I do a spiritual consultation for an individual either over the phone, via Skype, or in my downtown Asheville office, I put both the person and myself in a bubble of white light, and then ask God to show me what's important for the person to know.  Sometimes it will be very specific things related to their relationships.  Other times it will be details about their professional lives.  Frequently a deceased friend or relative will show up with messages.  It's a different experience with each person. 

How it all began...

At the insistence of friends, I did my first professional psychic consultation when I was 24.  Although I'd been doing readings for people I knew for years, this was my foray into the world of "The Psychic Fair."  For the uninitiated, a Psychic Fair is where strangers purchase 15-minute increments of your life, and you are expected to accurately and instantly zero in on their relationships, health, career path -- whatever they desire to hear.

This particular Psychic Fair was in Atlanta at a spiritual center called The Foundation of Truth.  Rows of card tables with a number taped to the front of each were flanked by folding chairs.  Armed with tarot cards, crystal balls, pendulums, astrology charts, gauzy purple scarves and candles, dozens of psychics were carefully setting up their tables to prepare for the eager throng gathering outside the doors.

I've never used any of the traditional trappings of professional psychics. I just do an affirmation, asking Spirit for the information that is important to the person I'm reading, and immediately start to see, hear and feel things, past present and future.  That morning, my sweaty little hands longed for a deck of cards to clutch, or I Ching sticks to toss.  I was absolutely terrified. The bell sounded, signaling the first wave of seekers was surging to our tables.  An angry middle-aged woman stormed up to my little corner of the cosmos and plunked herself down on the metal chair.  "I think this whole thing is a bunch of CRAP," she spat at me, "and you have to prove to me that it's real!"

I closed my eyes and silently prayed, "God, if this is what you want me to do with my life, I need a little help here!"  Suddenly, I was watching a movie in my head.  I told the woman her husband's name, and described what he looked like.  I told her the names of her children, and their ages.  At that point she began to sob, and we could FINALLY get to the real reason she was there.  When the bell rang again, signaling the end of the longest 15 minutes of my life, the woman tenderly hugged me, and sincerely thanked me.  She looked completely transformed, peaceful and happy.  I knew she had received the validation and guidance she required to jump back into her life with joy and purpose.

So had I!

And that's how I became a professional spiritual adviser.  In my role as an intuitive consultant, I deliver the information that I see.  Each person decides how he or she will use it.

Consultations are available in person, via Skype, and over the phone.  Payment is required prior to the scheduled consultation date.  You will receive an audio recording of your session.   I rarely do more than four consultations a year for any client.  My goal is to provide you with information and options to empower you to make your own decisions, and chart your own life course.  Some consultants encourage their clients to become dependent on them.  I forbid it!  I'm an adviser;  YOU'RE in control of your life.  I am an ordained minister, and honor all counseling sessions as private and privileged information.  Please contact me for more information, or to schedule a consultation. 


Hour-long Session

The donation for an hour-long session, including a download of the recorded consultation, is $180.  After I receive your payment, I will contact you to schedule your session.  Prices are subject to change.


Half-hour Session

The donation for a half-hour session, including a download of the recorded consultation, is $100.  After I receive your payment, I will contact you to schedule your session.  Prices are subject to change.

Hour-long Session

Half-hour Session