Jonna Rae

the happy medium between the worlds of science & Spirit

the happy medium between the worlds of science & Spirit

the happy medium between the worlds of science & Spiritthe happy medium between the worlds of science & Spirit

SpiritTalk 2020: Bringing Mediumship into clear focus

Registration for the class starting May 27 begins soon.

  SpiritTalk 2020: Bringing Mediumship into Clear Focus is a 6-week class that will teach you how to:

  • Comfort grieving families with evidence that loved ones in spirit remain near.
  • Expand your ability to go into higher states of  awareness.
  • Experience sacred connection with everyone and everything.

The first law of thermodynamics states energy can’t be created or destroyed -- it merely changes form. “Life” is an energy and doesn’t cease to exist when it’s no longer in physical form; it just vibrates at a higher frequency.

Over six classes, you will learn tools to raise your awareness to detect those higher frequencies and connect with people in spirit with confidence, accuracy and compassion. Science + Spirit align as you begin to access information from “the unified field,” as physicists call it, “the collective unconscious,” for Jungian psychologists, or “God Consciousness.” It’s all the same.

It's actually very similar to how professional musicians study to be able to discern nuances in every note that elude the rest of us.  They "hear" on a wider spectrum.  Through disciplined practice, SpiritTalk 2020 students will be able to perceive, see, and hear on a wider spectrum to connect with the life energies vibrating further up that spectrum.

We'll be actively creating and maintaining a sacred 'safe space' of positive energy and light before, during and after each class.  Students will learn to release the ego and stay in a heart-centered space of desiring to be of service to others.  From that place of higher consciousness, the connection to people no longer in physical form will happen.

Students will begin to connect with loved ones in spirit from the very first class.

The course is taught by Happy Medium Jonna Rae Bartges, who has been connecting with dead people since childhood. Her own death experience from a brain aneurysm 30 years ago enhanced her ability to interact with the spirit world.

Classes meet 6:30-8:30 p.m. six consecutive Wednesdays beginning February 12 at Crystal Visions in the Asheville, NC area.

Registration  for the 6-week class starting May 27 begins soon..