Upcoming Events

Loving Happiness


February 21; Love + Happiness go together like chocolates and roses.  Learn scientific & spiritual tips for bringing more of both into your life!

Reiki I Class


February 23; Everyone is naturally a healer -- learn the techniques and structure to bring a healing balance to yourself and others. 

Love is All You Need


February 27: Learn to open your heart, trust the  universe and receive the positive, nurturing connections you so desire  and deserve. 

Building Crystal Grids


March 21: Learn how to build and activate a crystal grid to create a powerful safe space for healing  and  transformation.  

Practical Spirituality 101


March 30 & 31: Tap into and trust 

your natural intuitive abilities.  

Nurses receive 15 contact hours.

2019 Events


A complete list of upcoming workshops, appearances and events on the schedule 

 for 2019.