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Upcoming Events

3rd Thursday: You're Psychic!


June 20:  Get a crash course in tapping into and learning to trust your natural intuitive ability in this Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium workshop.

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UR Drumming


June 22: Grad a lawn chair and a drum -- or we'll loan you one! -- and come make beautiful music with us at United Research Light Center in Black Mt., NC.

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Practical Spirituality 101


July 20 & 21: Tap into your natural intuitive abilities. Learn past life regression, animal communication, connecting with loves one in spirit,  dowsing + more.

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Reiki II


August 10: If you're already a certified Reiki I healer and you're ready to go deeper, Reiki II amps up your ability to help make the world a happier, healthier, more loving place.

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Touch the Sky


June 6 & 7, 2020: Graduates of Practical Spirituality 101 successfully applying the intuitive principles are invited to apply for this advanced workshop.

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2019 Events


A complete list of upcoming workshops, 

appearances and events 

on the schedule  for 2019.

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