3rd Thursdays at Crystal visions, asheville nc

2019 Schedule: Talks start at 7 p.m.

September 19: Animal Communication: A Pet Project
Our dogs and cats are already talking to us.  How good are we at  listening and responding?  This Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium  event is the evening you’ll experience how to shift your consciousness  to link up heart-to-heart with pets, wild animals, even insects.  Happy  Medium Jonna Rae shares the seven steps to animal communication.  Find  out the biggest mistake people can make in trying to talk to animals.   Discover the most important thing to remember when attempting to make a  connection.
Jonna Rae will share what she’s learned in decades of practicing, and  teaching, animal communication.  When an orphaned gray told her what it  needed to live, she was able to give the information to Sea World vets.   The calf not only survived – it thrived, and was returned to the ocean a  year later.  Wolves, owls, spiders and ants – she’s worked with them  all, and is eager to help you learn how to talk to the animals yourself.

October 17: On Death and Dying – Creating a Sacred Passage
As Steve Jobs lay dying, his last words were a joyful, “Oh!  Wow!”  This  iconic figure, who changed forever how the world communicates, was  overwhelmed with the expansive beauty of the new world he was entering.

While our culture is so hesitant to talk  about death, bottom line – none of us gets out of here alive.  We can’t  avoid dying, but during this month of spirit awareness, we CAN learn  compassionate and deeply meaningful ways to enrich the process for loved  ones, and even ourselves.  This Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium  presentation is designed to replace fear with facts, and provide  positive, proactive steps to help us navigate the emotionally charged  passage from this life to the next.  In this deeply important and moving  evening, Happy Medium Jonna Rae will also share details about her own  near-death experience.

November 21:  SpiritTalk – Break on Through to the Other Side
In physics, the first law of thermodynamics is that energy can’t be  created or destroyed – it just changes form.  “Life” is an energy, and  doesn’t cease to exist when we’re no longer in physical form. Happy  Medium Jonna Rae has been tapping into the spirit world since she was a  child, and she’s eager to share her abilities with you.  For this Third  Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium evening, come get answers to your  questions for loved ones in spirit, and learn how to go into a higher  state of consciousness, so you can connect with them yourself.   SpiritTalk is always a powerful evening of love, connection and healing.

December 19: Soul Contracts -- Understanding Sacred Connections
What does it mean when we meet someone, and instantly feel a strong  attraction, or an equally strong repulsion?  Why do we keep facing the  same challenges over and over again?  What is it about family members  that can push our buttons?  In this Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy  Medium evening, find out how agreements we make with others before we  come into this lifetime have a profound impact on all of us.  You will  learn how to get clarity on the most positive way for these connections  to play out, and gain deep insight into learning the deep karmic lessons  these soul contracts offer.

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