Jonna Rae

the happy medium between the worlds of science & Spirit

the happy medium between the worlds of science & Spirit

the happy medium between the worlds of science & Spiritthe happy medium between the worlds of science & Spirit

3rd Thursdays at Crystal visions, asheville nc

2020 Schedule: Talks start at 7 p.m.

CLASS CANCELLED - March 19:  Phoning Home -- Exploring Alien Connections

If you think we’re the only planet with life in the universe, you haven’t been paying attention. Rev. Michael Jerome Scharied Carter, a frequent  guest on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series, shares personal experiences with alien contacts, and reveals how the Bible references UFOs and ETs. Also, Happy Medium Jonna Rae shares techniques to facilitate one-on-one connections with benevolent off-Earth intelligent beings.

April 16:  Build Your Own Crystal Grids

It’s not woo-woo – science acknowledges that everything in nature has a specific vibration. Crystals have a unique vibratory signature that allows them to store, direct and magnify energies. Happy Medium Jonna Rae received instructions in a lucid dream state on how to build a crystal grid and activate it to create a powerful safe space for healing and transformation. In this Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium gathering, she will share the technique as everyone creates their own crystal map for enlightenment.

May 21 : Mediumship - Being a Sacred Bridge

The first law of thermodynamics is that energy can’t be created or destroyed -- it just changes form. ‘Life’ is an energy, and doesn’t cease to exist when it leaves a physical body.   Learn how to raise your consciousness to be able to connect with people in spirit form, and bring validation and comfort to grieving families. You CAN be a bridge from this world to the next. 

June 18 : Animal Communication and Spirit Animals - Pet Projects

The unique bond we share with our pets is many-faceted -- and eternal.  Learn how to tap into information your pets might be holding until you're ready to access it.  You’ll have the opportunity to connect with loved pets in spirit. You’ll also discover your Totem Spirit Animal, and learn how to tap into the energy of your animal guides for their wisdom, power and awareness. 

July 16:  Plant Kingdom Consciousness - Growing Awareness

Establish a heart to heart connection with the consciousness of plants, 

and have an actual conversation with several different living plants. Then, use that new  awareness to merge with the healing and restorative energies of plants through  aromatherapy. The essential oils themselves will give you information on how they can best help you come into healing balance.

August 20: Toning: A Sound Idea

In the Beginning was the Word – meaning that ‘sound’ is at the core of all creation. Every cell of our body resonates to sound, and each chakra has a definite note and vocalization to bring it into wholeness. In this Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium event, we’ll be toning along with the CD “Sing the Body” by composer Dorian Carter. She explains, “We are aware that biochemical research has proven certain foods release important brain wave chemicals. It is also true that sound can release similar brain wave chemicals, providing us similar nutrition. With our voices we can affect everything from the functioning of our internal organs to our relationships to others.” 

September 17: On Death and Dying – Creating a Sacred Passage

As Steve Jobs lay dying, his last words were a joyful, “Oh! Wow!” This iconic figure, who changed forever how the world communicates, was overwhelmed with the expansive beauty of the new world he was entering.  While our culture is so hesitant to talk about death, bottom line – none of us gets out of here alive. We can’t avoid dying, but we CAN learn compassionate and deeply meaningful ways to enrich the process for loved ones, and even ourselves. This Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium presentation is designed to replace fear with facts, and provide positive, proactive steps to help us navigate the emotionally charged passage from this life to the next. In this deeply important and moving evening, Happy Medium Jonna Rae will also share details about her own near-death experience.

October 15: SpiritTalk - Break on Thru to the Other Side

In physics, the first law of thermodynamics is that energy can’t be created or destroyed – it just changes form. “Life” is an energy, and doesn’t cease to exist when we’re no longer in physical form. Happy Medium Jonna Rae has been tapping into the spirit world since she was a child, and she’s eager to share her abilities with you. For this Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium evening, come get answers to your questions for loved ones in spirit, and learn how to go into a higher state of consciousness, so you can connect with them yourself. SpiritTalk is always a powerful evening of love, connection and healing.

November 19: Past Life Regression: Oops, I Did it Again! 

Claustrophobia. Financial instability. A “knack” for musical instruments, or foreign languages. How can memories from other times and places influence your life today? Find out in this Third Thursday: Reaching a Happy Medium fast-paced, interactive evening. Happy Medium Jonna Rae will share how traditional healers like psychologist Carl Jung and MD Brian Weiss incorporate the concept of past lives into their work. You’ll also experience your own past life regression, and learn how to use the information that comes to you in a positive, practical way. You are invited to bring yoga mats, pillows and/or blankets to get comfortable for the regression.

December 17: Remote Viewing - No Goats Required

Exercise and fine-tune your natural ability to telepathically perceive things that are obscured on a physical level, and receive immediate feedback. It’s like the book and movie, Men Who Stare at Goats. But it’s YOU raising your awareness to connect with things at a distance. We’ll be incorporating Hemi-Sync technology with guided meditation to activate new regions of your brain, and empower you to make verifiable connections.

Vibe with your tribe

Every 3rd Thursday at Crystal Visions 

in the Asheville, NC area, 

Happy Medium Jonna Rae 

will shine a light on a different topic 

selected to raise consciousness, spark curiosity, and increase intuitive ability.  

Join us for the adventure 

3rd Thursdays at 7 p.m.

Suggested donation: $15

One Foot in Spirit; One Foot on Earth

 Every Third Thursday at Crystal Visions, Happy Medium Jonna Rae Bartges will shine a light on a different topic selected to raise consciousness, spark curiosity, and increase intuitive ability. 

Jonna Rae uses gentle humor, authenticity and compassion in both her teaching and her intuitive consultations for clients. She connects people around the globe not only with loved ones in spirit, but with very specific and accurate information about their past, present and future. For 40 years she has combined professional psychic reading and teaching with an Emmy-winning career in print and broadcast communication.

She created PSI – the Practical Spirituality Institute – to help link the worlds of science and spirituality, and is an approved provider of continuing education units for nurses taking her two-day Practical Spirituality 101 class.

In addition to her private consulting business with Skype, phone sessions and in-person readings in her Asheville office, she has read and/or taught at the International Coptic Conference, Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., East West Bookshop of Seattle, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, The Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, CA, the Foundation of Truth in Atlanta, and United Research Light Center, Mystic Journeys, The Namaste Center and Crystal Visions in Western NC.

Jonna Rae also founded the Reiki Professionals Group on Linkedin which currently has over 15,000 Reiki healers from around the globe. 

She is an author, speaker, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Deeksha Blessing Giver, Minister Director with Universal Brotherhood and a frequent presenter at United Research Light Center in Black Mountain, NC. Jonna Rae’s autobiography is Psychic or Psychotic? Memoirs of a Happy Medium, and is available at Crystal Visions.